Tooth Extractions in SW Calgary (starting from $143)

Tooth Extractions Near You

Everyone has a mouth full of oral bacteria. This is true no matter how well you clean your teeth and gums. Left unremoved, a sticky layer of plaque forms that adhere to teeth. This will eventually erode the enamel and result in a cavity. If the decay is allowed to spread, the damaging bacteria can travel down to the center pulp. When this happens, pain and sensitivity may result. In addition, as the decay worsens the tooth structure will weaken and become more vulnerable to chips, cracks, and breakage. The good news is that root canal treatment can restore an injured tooth and a crown can add strength. But if the damage is not fixable, tooth extraction near you may be the only way to safeguard your dental health. Richmond Dental Clinic has a team of certified professionals for the service of tooth extractions in SW Calgary and these dentists use the latest technology equipment for the purpose.

tooth extractions near you in sw calgary

Tooth Extraction Procedure in SW Calgary

Tooth extractions at Richmond Dental Clinic are a routine procedure, that we perform regularly. First, it will be determined if an antibiotic is needed before or after tooth removal. Then, the surrounding area will be numbed so the affected tooth can be extracted without pain.

If an impacted wisdom tooth is being removed, any gum or bonet issue trapping the tooth will be extracted first. After the pathway is cleared, the tooth can be freed with forceps. Your dentist in SW Calgary will use a back and forth motion to gently loosen and remove the impacted tooth.

Post Extraction at Richmond Dental Clinic

Your dentist in SW Calgary will provide post-extraction instructions after the procedure, such as:

  • Apply an ice pack to the cheek on the side of the extraction
  • Apply pressure to the treatment area until the bleeding stops by biting on gauze
  • Avoid physical activities and contact sports until the empty socket is covered with a scab
  • Don’t tamper with the surgical area
  • Keep the extraction site clean by gently brushing the area around the socket
  • Keep your head propped and elevated until the bleeding stops
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stick with soft foods while the empty socket heals
  • Take prescriptions as directed and contact your dentist if you experience unusual itching or swelling

Do not smoke, sip with a straw, or make any sucking motions for at least 24 hours. If the clot dislodges, it can lead to pain dry socket.